You have to say YES to socialism

Recently I found a Tweet about a story related to the actor Jim Carrey, where he commented that you had to say YES to socialism due to a visit to Canada, which could see the "benefits" of socialism as the free health system and the free universities.

In this sense, I want to talk a little about what socialism is or about what the 21st century revolution sold us as socialism.

The illegitimate government that currently governs in Venezuela, say that socialism is the best thing that can be created in the world, that this system allows equality between people and that ensures the equitable distribution of the state's wealth.


Nothing further from this reality, let's start with scarcity. Socialism in Venezuela has caused shortages in different aspects, food, medicine, cash and even gasoline (yes, in one of the countries with the largest oil reserves in the world). All this comes from ridiculous measures of nationalization of prices, regulation of them, limited quantities of circulation of paper money, which generates large amounts of queues to acquire all these elements and where the humanitarian crisis begins.

In another section, we can talk about the separation of powers, which does not exist in the perfect Venezuelan socialism, simply what the president dictates is what must be done regardless of whether he is attached to the law or not. Or I could also mention the National Assembly, where they do not have a majority and that's why they invalidated it and created their own parallel assembly.

How about the media? Most are closed or subjected to self-censorship so it is not part of the closure statistics.

What if we talk about the wave of migration? That which the government denies exists and that all the propaganda apparatus that the world has against Venezuela for no reason. The humanitarian crisis has reached unimaginable levels, people migrating on foot, walking between countries. For 2018, according to UN statistics, 2.3 million Venezuelans live abroad, which represents a little more than 7% of the population.

A country where people die of hunger due to the inability to acquire food, because the salary ($ 0.60 a day) is not enough to cover basic needs.

So yes Jim Carrey, we have to say "yes to socialism" so that the whole planet suffers from the same. Are there really people still so blind from the evil that does this?

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